Superman and Iron Man moving to India?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

April 15, 2020
Mumbai, India
Author: Cul Prit

Social distancing is one very essential tool to fight Covid-19. People often forget that this is a virus that can be in a healthy host who shows no symptom because the evolution has chosen them over you. But guess what, you can can cheat the rules of evolution by staying away from people.

An image description of how social distancing helps avoiding virus and bacteria contamination.
Social Distancing Helps?

World Health Organization has been pushing the idea of social distancing and it has been proven to work. But the global citizens are over-smarter than that, & you are stronger than the virus, and hence more likely to contract the virus. Since no tool seems to work in enforcing social distancing, the governments are looking for alternate solutions.

A gif image showcasing how people tend to ignore the caution shared by the civil community during pandemics.
Do not panic, just be sane and hygienic.

An image spoof showing superman and iron man arriving in India to help in the efforts of law and order.
Superman and Iron Man join hands to fight Covid-19

The Indian Government has been one of the first to take strong and necessary steps by implementing nationwide 40 day approx. lock-down. But managing a population of over a billion is not an easy task and there are people who are flouting the rules. As the number of cases rise in India, the Government of India finally said, No means No! In these desperate times they employed unconventional method in order to supervise the population. The latest and the best generation of Superman and Iron Man heroes manufactured by Avengers Justice Pvt. Ltd. have been deployed in the skies of the major cities like Mumbai. These manned super heroes have been working day and sometimes night in order to bring social distancing to you.

Below is an awesome montage of footage from Go-Pros on the heroes' suites. We can confirm from the sources that these heroes are pissed and ready to tear through your backdoor if they find you flouting the rules, so beware, be safe and distance yourself!

This is actual footage shared on twitter shared by a local MLA of a drone, these drones have been deployed by the Mumbai Police to maintain order in the current situation of lock-down. This is the link to the original video. We Salute and respect police officers and healthcare workers from around the world. We thank them for their sacrifices and we hope that our quirky approach to the news will help people understand the importance of Social Distancing.