Is this an appropriate name for the virus?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

March 11, 2020
Geneva, Switzerland
Author: Cul Prit & Mrs. Prankti

World Health Organization announced that SARS Covid 2 is a pandemic
WHO announces Pandemic.

WHO today announced that the Novel Corona virus falls in their criteria of the definition of a pandemic. So now the media has one more word to fill their headline with. But the real question remains what do we call the virus?

Recently there has been lot of confusion with so many names surrounding the virus so let's dive straight into it.

The SARS-cov-2 or as we call it the Woohan virus coz it has wooed the shit out of us. In popular media, it has been called by its la-familia name Corona, while up until February beginning it was often called novel corona virus, a novel name indeed! Medics use its current official term 'SARS-cov-2' also use the term Covid-19, but, none of these are factual terms.

How the chinese virus name came into being.
the name of corona virus

So to solve the world's biggest problem at hand... the lead medical, political and knows-it-all wiz kiddo who is also the head of the greatest country in the world, Doland Tramp prefers using an easy to pronounce self-invented term 'Chinease Virush'. There you go, no more naming issues. You can thank him by voting for him in 2021!

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