Is Global Jihad in Trouble?

Updated: Apr 28

April 21, 2020
Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Cul Prit
Terror has struck

People around the world are afraid,

This one group’s name has caused havoc around the world, So many lives have been lost,

Bodies have been left untouchable,

Seeding terror in the lungs of the victims,

In their rule, certain law has to be followed,

many freedom needs to be curtailed,

Streets are deserted and people fear to gather in groups to voice their opinions,

Both women and men have to cover their body or they die,

This was initially in a small province but now this terror has spread across the globe!

The secular terror

Yes we are talking about that one group,

the group of viruses you call Corona. Its latest and baddest the Covid-19 or the SARS-Cov-2 has wreaked havoc around the world. They call themselves the ISEES an abbreviation of the International State of Epidemic Emergency and Suffering!

It has come to the attention of the international organisations that this group feeds off of lies and fears spread through the social media, they have implemented the Law of Social distancing over the countries where it has established itself and pelts the people with CDs of movies like Contagion if found guilty of flouting the law. International coalitions have joined hands under the guidance of the emerging peace power, India under the leadership of the Indian Prime Minister Modi. But it is known that without the help of the Global citizens this battle can not be won. So enlist now and fight the War against The Pandemic!


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