Is Covid-19 a conspiracy or a prank?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

April 02, 2020
Washington DC, USA
Author: Cul Prit

The terms SARS-Cov-2 or Covid-19 will send chills down your spine, and that is exactly what the good people at Foxy and Friends want you to do, i.e. Chill. In a series of revelation they have proved that this is nothing to worry about, this is just a flu at its worst!

They were warning people about this elaborate hoax, but the fox fell on deaf ears. Thanks to Mr. Doland Tramp, The LOTUS we now know that people got this information on time through February and March, thus enabling the citizens to enjoy the spring in all its glory, be it in public parks or in malls or even at one of his many campaign rally!

Here are some sincere facts sourced from the most creditable sources.

F&F -

POTUS went a step ahead and added some good ol' Marathi flare to his speech! check the video below.

Upon realizing that the gig was up and that the Right Wing in the USA had pulled the curtains down, the Chinease begged for forgiveness from papa world, below is an actual footage from the confrontation.

The videos displayed on this page are heavily edited to fit the sarcastic and fun narrative of the post. The videos have been sourced from the internet and edited internally at The Live Net Project ( and the current form of these videos uploaded on the page should not be associated with any person, company or brand. Do not take this video at its face value, it is solely for entertainment purposes only.
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