Is Chinease expansionism real?

Updated: Jul 27

Galwan Valley, India
Author: Sar Casm
Co-author: Cul Prit

Image of skirmishes in the Indo-Chinease hood.

The above pic is a FUnK news exclusive of the recent skirmish between a couple of Indian Landlords and Chinease Visitors. The Chinease visitors who say that they were just looking around the neighborhood, but the Indian Landlord spoke against these visits in the United Landlord Union stating the obvious that if the Chinease were just visiting the neighborhood why did they have to bring their cars, tents and machines in such a huge number unless the real reason was to provoke the landlords.

This past week the tension is tremendous and has been increasing at a rate never seen before at the border between my stomach and my pant’s elastic, I am pretty sure it is the lockdown weight gain, anyways, coming back to the main topic, in the recent days, many Indian Landlords have moved their own cars, tents and machines near their houses which the Chinease say is a violation of free movement of their pupil.

We asked the Chinease commander, Capt. Sgt. Ranveer Chings Xiao how come the Chinease visitors were seen 14 kilometers in the Indian Landlords’ space along with their cars, tents and machines,

Picture of drone taken in the Galway Society premises of Indian Landlords

to which the Capt. Sgt. Ranveer Chings Xiao replied, “最初,我们使用的是Maple Maps,但在印度无法很好地使用,从而导致旅行的游客感到困惑,尽管一旦到达,我们就意识到Duggal maps在印度可以工作,因此我们迅速安装了Duggal 并找到了正确的方向,但印度房东找到我们之前,我们不能种下帐篷,哎呀,我们才可以改变路线。” rough translation: “initially we were using Maple maps, which does not work well in India leading to the confusion amongst the travelling visitors although once we reached we realised that Duggal works in India and hence we quickly installed Duggal maps and found the right directions but the Indian Landlords found us before we could plant our tents, oops, before we could change our course.”

Image of the Chinease fire cracker attack on Indian Landlord's association

This explanation was fine by us but our great ex reporter Cul Prit had taught me that always analyze the bylines and then it clicked, people make mistakes and it is cool if they correct it but why did they set off the fire crackers towards the Indian Landlords that left so many of them deaf, to which the Chinease had no reply. Some Chinease blame Rajnikantham, the say he farted so loud that the Landlords ear were hurt and this fart also led to some bleeding from Chinease’s own ears too.

Looking at the detailed report, we can conclude that the Chinease have become toxic neighbors and that their expansionist behaviour is taking wives of many it is time to call 911, or the United Landlord Union has to move fast and take stringent action or else this will be the end of world, coz Chinease will be the start of mega World War.


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