To social distancing or not to social distancing?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

March 20, 2020
London, UK
Author: Cul Prit

Scientist have proven over and over that human is a social animal. But in the current circumstances the virologists and various authorities are circumcising this trait by ordering "Social Distancing"! As Covid-19 leads to more and more lives the youth are wondering what will happen to their world. Read more on this below...

Lock-down announced in the EU
The European Onion

Several countries in Europe and Asia have announced some level of lock down which comes as no surprise to us. But, these lock-down measures include a very controversial policy of Social Distancing. This policy has enraged the youth, lets learn why so with a very vocal opponent of this policy, a young and talented socialite Mr. Mars Suckerbug.

In the video conference interview with our reporter Ms. Nairobi, Mr. Mars Suckerbug said, "Ya, so like I have 69 followers on instantgram..." he winks weirdly and continues, "I follow Mr. Doland Tramp on Twizer, I have like 456 friends on Fakebook and a degree from whatschat university! I strongly feel I am more than compatible to make healthy choices for myself. Who is WHO to tell me to stay away from my frenz? How am I supposed to send unsolicited peepee pic on Dumble app if I keeo social distancing?

A petition filed against the practice of social distancing.
Social Distancing Petition

Also are you on dumble too?" Listening to this Ms. Nairobi inquired whether he truly knew the meaning of social distancing to which he replied, "Ya baby, like we have to stay away from social places where everyone gathers and we youth gather on social media platforms. I have received like 1800 signature on my exchange.orgi campaign to repeal this stupid policy!"

This very intimate conversation with a youth got us wondering as to why is there so much misinformation regarding social distancing and how come the youth which hardly gets off their computers or get their head out of their smartphones are finding social distancing so 'hard', and then we came to know about pornhub's free premium and then we understood!

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