Bounty announced on the SARS-Cov-2 spreader?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

March 03, 2020
Lyon, France
Author: Cul Prit

The global numbers of the Novel Corona virus patients have sky rocketed. Countries around the world have decided to enforce strict lock-down in worse affected cities.

This has created ass panic as people have hurried to their nearest Super Marts to buy adult diapers and toilet paper rolls. The rumors led to mass gathering near medical stores that stocked essential household products and in the ensuing confusion some people in San Andreas ended up buying marijuana rolls.

A delegation of low enforcement heads from around the world met in Lyon today at the Interpaul's headquarter to discuss how the inter-agency low organization will bring the cold blooded, blood thirsty crime lord and Novel Corona virus accused Mr. Fruit Bat to justice.

It is rumored that a state leader who goes by the name Doland Tramp pressured the Interpaul to announce a 57g bounty on the head of Mr. Fruit Bat. It is said that Low enforcement officers of ISIL are literally "spear-beheading" the operation. In the same meeting it was also discussed as to how to combat stupidity of Tik-Tokers and as to whether what is more lethal when compared! Do let us know your opinion in the community discussions or the comments below.

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