Are you Coronfused too?

March 05, 2020
Jamnagar, India
Author: Cul Prit

In this special report, our honorary reporter Raul Gandhy will not be talking about anything related to the click-bait title. In-fact he is watching his Chhota Bhim!

Now that you are hooked on to this post and you have nothing else to do, lets begin... The current pandemic of SARS-COV-2 has led to mass coronfusion, the humanity has exhausted its capacity to intake immeasurable amount of Netflix, Prime Video, E-zumba, Yoga, High adrenaline Multi-player games, Tortoise sex videos, DIY Pressure cooker bomb videos, Farting out songs videos, so and so forth... so to address this humanitarian crises of ‘WTF Should I do’ here is some relatable quarantine photos!

So go ahead have a sad time...

Oh yes, also a free guide on how to celebrate your birthday in current situation! We know how important birthdays are in these dying times, we wish you a slightly happy birthday... Nah we are joking, we aint wishing you anything!

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